Samantha and Kyle

Wedding Date:  April 27, 2017

My name is Kyle Morgan. I am a proud resident of Calvert County, and currently reside in a one bedroom apartment with my beautiful girlfriend Samantha and our four cats within the Chesapeake ranch estates. I know what you’re thinking, “four cats?”. Originally from upstate New York I moved to Calvert County in middle school, and I couldn’t wait to leave. I wasn’t always proud to live here, like most teens I wanted someplace bigger with more stuff to do. When I graduated I sought out my adventure to ultimately end up right back here. Needless to say, I wasn’t always proud to live here but in this story I will introduce you to the love of my life, and how I became such a grateful member of this community.

Samantha and I met working at Stoneys Kingfishers she was a hostess and I a server. At first we didn’t talk much. At the time, I was aiding my mother who was battling liver cancer, while in the process of a terrible break up which left me with little to my name renting a room with my two cats. I’ve always found comfort in venting to strangers, so I began my therapy at the hostess stand. Though I would vent to Sam we would often talk about our cats, and her cat obsession. She helped me with moving and taking care of my cats when I wasn’t able; she became a true friend. One day a co-worker stopped me in the kitchen to tell me that Samantha had feelings for me, and I got nervous. With all that I was going through at the time I felt I had very little to offer and that I wasn’t ready to deal with those types of emotions. It wasn’t long before Sam expressed these emotions to me herself.

I didn’t know what to do. Here I had this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, charmingly goofy girl expressing her feelings towards me and I wasn’t ready. She understood and it was awkward for a day or two but she didn’t give up. She stayed by my side as a friend and we’d continuously flirt. Then one day it happened. I walked up to the hostess stand just like I had done many times before and when she popped her head up to look at me I saw it. The way she looked at me like no one has ever looked at me before. In that moment, I could see that it didn’t matter what I had, what I was going through she cared for me. She always had but before I was so blinded my own insecurities that I didn’t notice. I knew in that moment I would be an idiot if I didn’t take a chance with her. I want to be on the receiving end of that look for the rest of my life.

In the beginning, we would often go out to dinner like most couples, but some of our best dates involved my kitten Lilo. Sam was determined to get her to walk on a leash so often we would try walking the kitten on the Solomons boardwalk and taking her to pet friendly restaurants. After eight months of dating and some vigorous searching we moved into a one bedroom apartment with my two cats Henny, and Lilo, and her cat Darcy. We became the Happiest of Crazy Cat Couples!

Now Let me tell you a little about the love of my life. Samantha is the most beautiful, strong, kind, outgoing person I’ve ever met. She and her two sisters Kayla and Melissa were born and raised in Lusby. Being close in age Sam and Kayla had a very special bond, they attended services at Chesapeake church and were even baptized together. Samantha has always had a passion for pageantry, taking after her mother who also did pageants when she was younger.

In 2015 Sam graduated high school, while also taking the crown for Princess America Miss Maryland Teen. For as long as I’ve known her, and through hearing childhood stories, she has always put one hundred percent into anything she does. The devotion she has to her family, pets, and myself truly embodies unconditional love.

February 2016 was set to be a month of celebration. It would be her sister Kayla’s birthday and 6-month wedding anniversary, our first Valentine’s Day together, and our one year anniversary. That Valentine’s Day our lives would never be the same. On their way home from a beautiful dinner date Sam’s sister Kayla Amos and her husband Dan were struck head on by a driver who failed to stay on their side of the road. Dan died on site and Kayla was flown to Baltimore shock trauma. I will never forget that night for as long as I live. Sam and I had just finished a shift at Kingfishers, and I had cut out early with a coworker take to care of some errands; just as I was about to arrive home Sam called. She was such a wreck, I couldn’t make out a single word, then I heard “Dan’s Dead”. Immediately we turned around and raced to Solomons to find Sam sobbing beside her vehicle in a vacant parking lot. We hurried to the rest of her family so we could go up to the hospital, and from what it sounded like, Kayla was going to be ok. When we arrived at the hospital I watched as this amazing family painfully waited to hear news of Kayla. They were called into a room by a doctor and After only 15 minutes the exited the room. My heart sank as I saw hope ripped from the ones I loved. Kayla was on life support and she was not going to make it. Together we spent the night at Kayla’s bed side praying and sharing stories, hoping for the best. Kayla died that morning.

Kayla and Dan’s story is truly an inspiring one, what became equally as beautiful was the support that came from the community. At such a young age they had managed to touch so many lives through their faith and the work that they did. It started with donations, cards and floral arrangements, then grew so much more. As the story spread, more and more members of the community offered their services to help with the arrangements. I remember standing with the family during the services and looking up to see hundreds of people who came to pay their respects and celebrate these two beautiful lives. Never in my life had I seen so many people some together to show support for anything. It was incredible to see the impact Kayla and Dan had made in this community in such a short period.

Since the incident, it has been rough for us all. Day by day we live by Dan’s favorite saying, “together or not at all.” Though this has been the hardest thing any of us have ever had to face, going through this tragedy together has bonded us in ways that I never knew were possible. The strength and togetherness of these amazing people is astonishing, and I want to be a part of that for the rest of my life. I couldn’t imagine going through anything without this family. The worst part has been watching the love of my life struggling to cope with the loss. It pains me to know there’s a hurt inside of her I can’t fix. I capitalize on any opportunity I have to make Samantha happy even if it’s for a moment, I will go to great lengths to see her smile. I absolutely love this woman; I cannot express this enough.

In my efforts to keep a smile on Samantha’s face I must admit “No” is a word that has been nearly eliminated from my vocabulary. Which has been exciting and stressful. As a result of not saying “no” over the past eight months Sam and I have had many adventures. Admittingly there were times I was reluctant to say yes to certain things but it was the best thing for our relationship. Inspired by Kayla and Dan we decided we wanted to get more involved in community events. Sam and I have always wanted to do a mission trip. We found out that there was one through our church that provided aid in Honduras. Immediately Sam and I signed up and began raising money. We were saddened to find out we out could not go. Unfortunately, the church could not allow a couple who lived together unwedded to go. Rest assured we promised one another it will be one of the first things we do as a married couple.

Our first event was the Dragon Boat Races in Chesapeake Beach. Not knowing what to expect we were so nervous to compete, we were in for quite the surprise. Though it was intense work we had a blast and it was so rewarding. Our team finished ninth overall. Me being the comic book, video game type I’ve never been much for physical activity outside of work. So when Sam asked me to do the End Hunger Fun Run at Chesapeake Church I cringed. Sam has this charming way of downplaying things so according to her it was just a run with a few obstacles. The next day neither one of us could move, but it was one of the greatest experiences we’ve had as a couple.

One day Sam and I were presented with a 3-week-old kitten that was found. Unable to fend for itself we decided to foster it until it was of age to be adopted. Watching Sam take care of that kitten was the first time I had seen her overcome with joy since the accident. She would wake up to feed him, take him to work, he never left her side. I told her she couldn’t name him because we weren’t keeping him. Well his name is Loki and he sleeps between us every night. After seeing how happy he made her I couldn’t take that away from her. So yeah, four cats.

Between my already profound love and seeing her maternal side I decided it was time. During the spring I asked Sams father for her hand in marriage. Giving me his blessing I immediately started paying for an engagement ring. Next was introducing her to my family. I figured it would be wise to make sure she wants to commit to the whole package. We took a vacation the end of August to Rochester New York. Neither one of us had had a vacation in quite some time, and August was a difficult month for Sam. Kayla and Dan’s one year anniversary was in August. I wanted the vacation to be perfect for us. I wanted to have her mind free and smiling for one week and I did everything in my power to make it happen. I took her on a trip though my childhood and showed her everything that made me who I am today. We had a great time and my family absolutely loved Sam, which only makes me want to marry her more.

These adventures have been truly wonderful, but I will admit I have financially burdened myself in my efforts to keep her smiling. Seeing her hurt is the worst feeling in the world, and even though I should have probably said no a few times every dime I spent was worth every smile.

Earlier I mentioned the way Sam looks at me. There is no greater feeling in the world. I want nothing more than to gaze into her eyes as I vow to be with her for the rest of my life. I want to become a member of this family that I’ve grown to love, and couldn’t imagine being without. I want to give this beautiful princess the wedding she deserves. But I can’t do it on my own. I need your help. Sam and I both work full time jobs and we get by, but I know we can’t afford a wedding. The though pains me. Her parents have expressed that they are currently unable to help due to the fact they are still paying for Kayla and Dan’s wedding, medical bills, and funeral, as well as Kayla’s student loans. They also have to start budgeting for Sam’s younger sister Melissa to go to college.

My mother is now sober currently looking for a job while her treatment bills pile up. I will admit this is hard for me to do. I don’t like asking people for things but in this case I know it may be my only shot at giving Sam the wedding she deserves. I will do whatever it takes to make the occasion perfect. I’ve already vowed to dedicate my life to making her as happy as she makes me, now I just need to show her and make it official. I want her family to be able to have a new occasion to celebrate.

More importantly I want Sam and I to have an anniversary. It’s a terrible feeling not being able to celebrate your anniversary because it has become a time of loss. Our two most romantic days (Valentine’s Day and Anniversary) were taken from us when this tragedy occurred. I want to be able so surprise her with all of this and have it be beautiful. I can’t wait to move on to the next chapter of our life, and with your help it can happen that much sooner.

This county has provided with the single greatest experience I’ve ever had. Falling in love with Samantha Cosner. For that I am eternally grateful. I have come to love and appreciate where I live over the years, but this past year has showed how wonderful this truly is. The community support during our tragedy was truly inspiring, and for that I thank you. On behalf of the Amos and Cosner families and myself thank you to all who showed support and continue to show support not just to us but to others as well.

” This community has done more than enough for us, but I do need this one last favor. Please consider helping me in my journey to make Samantha Cosner my wife. It means so much to me to even have this opportunity to reach out. Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and for your consideration.” Kyle

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