Jenn and Vinny

Wedding Date:  April 19, 2018

Jenn and Vinny met in their 6th grade gym class at Plum Point Middle School. Vinny asked Jenn to be his girlfriend in the 8th grade over text after Jenn had stolen his number from a friend’s phone, typical middle school crush. They were both really into sports, but always made time for each other. They had a short time apart in high school, where they saw what it was like to be without one another and it just wasn’t right. Jenn and Vinny are meant to be. Over the past 10 years, you can imagine they have had so many memories together. They have been through just about everything and I have seen it first hand. I have seen them grow into a beautiful, loving couple.

I saw Jenn go to Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania with Jesus Divine Word to help build their community up and teach vacation bible school and Vinny go down to Houston, Texas with his fire station to bring a 28-foot box truck full of supplies for first responders and victims of the hurricane. In 2012, Jenn went away to North Carolina for college at Wingate University where she was awarded a scholarship to play soccer. Before Thanksgiving break in her first semester, I had gone to get biopsies of suspicious tumors in my breasts. I did not find out the results until she had already returned back to school. It was very difficult to call her with the news that my biopsy results were positive for two different types of cancer in both breasts. Jenn made the very selfless decision to leave Wingate and move back home. She would continue college at the College of Southern Maryland where she would be able to care for me. In January of 2013, I had to undergo a double mastectomy. Jenn spent the night with me at the hospital and once I had returned home, she slept downstairs with me every night so she could wake me up every four hours to give me my medicine. She would change my bandages, and empty and measure my four drain bags, even though blood makes her weak at the knees. She drove me to appointments, did laundry, helped with meals, washed and styled my hair, etc. A month later, I had to get another surgery to get my lymph nodes under my right arm removed since the cancer had already spread there. I was cancer free for four years after that until this year. This year has really been a tough one for our family and Vinny has just always been there for Jenn and our family through it all. We had two family members die this year within three weeks of each other. Our family dog also passed away. Then I found out in May that my cancer had metastasized and that I now have Stage IV bone cancer. I did not have to do chemotherapy or radiation four years ago, but I was advised to do both chemo and radiation this time around. The chemotherapy is only partially covered by insurance and is a financial burden to our family. I have been forced to miss a lot of work because of radiation and doctor appointments, so paychecks have been less than ever before; therefore we are unable to follow through with our original intention to help pay for Jenn and Vinny’s wedding.

Their willingness to sacrifice for each other and the ones that they love. Their careers are to care for other people and they consistently show their willingness to do so in their day to day life. Our families are now, well, family and watching their love grow has brought so much happiness to our families. It is so hard to believe that they started their relationship at such a young age and are still together and happier than ever. It does not matter where they are or what they are doing, they are constantly laughing and coming up with cute nicknames for each other. Their love is contagious and you will see that if you get the chance to meet them!

I see Jenn graduating from college next year and starting her career as a Radiologic Technologist and Vinny continuing his career as a Firefighter/EMT with the Prince George’s Fire Department. After the wedding, I see them getting a house together, probably in Calvert, and starting a beautiful family together. Their love will last a lifetime and I can’t wait to see them begin the next chapter.

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